6 S I G M A C O D E


When i think about our beginnings, how we grew up and where we ended up, I feel proud of all our successes. By the time this company was established, I only had many years of experience, knowladge and a lot of ambition to reach a distinguished position and leave a different imprint in the world of digital solutions. Although we started from nothing, we have been able to make great achievements. After we put in a lot of effort and avercame many challenges, we realized an important truth about ourselves that we can actually do anything if we really want to achieve it.
All employees, including myself are proud when we declare that we belong to the '6 Sigma Code' Company.

At 6SigmaCode, we believe in the importance of innovation and continuous development in the world of technology and digital marketing. That's why we work hard to provide the latest technologies and tools to our clients and offer our services in an effective and innovative manner.

Dr. Mohammed Fawzy
General Manager

About Us

We are a distinguished team of professionals in the field of digital and information technology who grew up in Egypt and Jordan and moved to Saudi Arabia. We have been in business for more than 15 years.
This long time has given us enough experience to provide the best services to offer an integrated set of digital and marketing solutions for organizations and companies with the latest and simplest technologies by having different age groups, where experience meets the creativity of youth.
Our team has one goal and one idea: to provide digital and technical solutions with a unique essence.

Our Mission

Creating the most widespread name for digital, technical and marketing solution in the Gulf and the Middle East in record time thanks to the excellence of the work team and the unity of its goals in development and with smart, innovative and guaranteed ideas to satisfy the client and implement all his desires.



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